Training and Learning and Re-training: The Plan

So that’s the idea – the Plan: Train, retrain, learn and practice and all the while – keep feeling better!

I used to practice Holistic Therapies back in the UK many years ago now… I was fully trained. Worked for myself for a while, joined a couple of other holistic souls and worked from a health club as a group for time, and worked for a beauty salon too… and then I had my daughter, and then moving the Canada beckoned, and with it; new training into education and furthering my knowledge in the online learning field…. And holistic therapies became something I just did when one of us felt ‘out of sorts’ or had an ailment.

The hospital/health scare did it: I was fine, bumbling along in my stress-filled world, oblivious it seems, to my own silent screams to escape… on a daily basis. And then I turned yellow overnight. Less than a week later, I was in hospital – and stayed there for 9 days… Nine days of prodding, of injections, of IVs of examinations and scans… Of questions and suspicion and doubt… Nine days of fear and worry and of contemplating bad results…Of ‘what if it’s this? Of self-diagnosis, of frantic research for case studies to match mine… A very surreal and quite crazy time. But also nine days of reflection, of discovery. Nine days where I was whipped out of my routine, and away from the usual stress and tension. Nine days to return to what I want from life. Nine days to respect my life. Nine days to want to really live. And to laugh. And to love. And to leave the damn hospital room also – of course! 😀

So I guess there is nothing like facing your own mortality to remind you of what really matters and to shake you out of ‘the illusion’ and make you want to really LIVE again. I decided I would not live in/with stress any longer. It was time – wayyyy overdue – time for a change.

So my previous attempt at working as an holistic therapist had been far from successful. There were days of sitting in a health club therapy room, with zero bookings, trying to think of new marketing ploys, where I felt it was a complete failure. But memories of those days keep me grounded and wise, but I am not afraid of failure – you have to try. Or you’ll never know. What is that Erin Hanson quote now? “…What if I fall? But oh, my darling, what if you fly?” Beautiful and very apt. Time to fly, or at least have fun trying!

So now, I have to get some of my qualifications certified here in Canada, some I may have to re-do or retake exams for, and some I will just add to. I LOVE learning – I will learn until I die… A lifelong learner – that’s me. Keep learning, my friend – keep being curious, keep asking questions… it keeps us young and helps creativity flourish.

In two weeks, I will train in Reiki to Master level, and will also take (retake) exams for Reflexology – which is actually good, as I see it as a chance to up my knowledge on the subject – to remind myself of the many benefits of the treatment/practice and to basically be a better therapist!

Meanwhile, I am taking an online course on Community Herbalism – which is truly amazing – very good course provided by the Pacific Rim College here in Victoria, but with world-renowned instructors and guest speakers. Highly recommend this. I am hoping to start a consultancy based off this, when I complete it, but for now – I am just finding it fascinating!

Another course I am taking currently is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) – on De-Mystifying Mindfulness from Leiden University in the Netherlands. This is actually a free course, but is wonderfully delivered by Chris Goto Jones – and really makes you think and consider the effects and implications and possibilities of mindfulness in our current world and our own lives. LOVE this course, and the valuable meditations they share.

And on top of all of those things, I am also taking training on Bach Flower Remedies – I would like to know a lot more about this and move to teaching at some stage, I think. I am coming to the end of the first level, although I feel they could maybe use my help with online learning! 😉

So a busy body these days, along with a new part time (normal) job. I quit my full time corporate job to make me go for this new venture. The part time job is temporary, brings some regular money in and is there as a safety net, I guess, and we will see if that leads on to any other ventures in the future… I have certainly found that life takes unexpected turns and that is fine… Expecting the unexpected is part of the journey! 🙂

So – this is where I am at with training and re-training and learning and all of that – I wish you all the best on your learning journey – keep being curious, my friend. 🙂


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