Reflexology: Back to the books

I have been practicing Reflexology for over 17 yrs now – back from when I first trained in Holistic Therapies in the UK. I found the whole concept of the feet corresponding to all the areas of the body such an intriguing concept – and was convinced once I started practicing on clients and saw real results.

Reflexology dates back thousands of years – to the Ancient Chinese, and also even to the Egyptians in the ages of the Pharaohs. Most people think of the feet – of foot massage when they hear Reflexology, but it can also be performed on the hands, the ear, skull, etc.

Specific areas on the feet (for example) are reflex points that relate directly to specific parts of the body.

So yes: I took and passed my Reflexology exams many years ago, but it appears that it was so long ago, that the UK Reflexology Association cannot verify my certificates any more (the college no longer runs the course I took) – and so I need to re-sit a written and practical exam. A bit of a pain, but in all honesty: can only make me a better practitioner – as I will be fully up to date and more on the practice. And so I am embracing this requirement. I can then gain Canadian Association membership and insurance, and all that vital stuff that goes with running a respected therapeutic practice. For the next two weeks, I will be nose in books studying and hope to have the exams booked for the end of the month/start of next. I feel I am up for the challenge – bring it on, feet people! 🙂

And if you are reading this, still wondering why anyone would want Reflexology – well let me tell you: it is SO much more than just a foot massage! The whole process goes through a strict routine, notes are made for any areas feeling tight or resistant or where the client relays any sensitivity. The client is consulted and any findings noted. Whilst the treatment is provided, there is something wonderful happening that make the feet rejoice! The blood is circulating and awakening parts of the feet and whole body, where restricted flow may have been occurring. The nerves are awakening, the ankles start to feel looser and less stiff, and there is something soothing and comforting when someone is holding, nurturing and caring for your feet, or hands….

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