Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) Dec. 21st 2021

Salutations on this lovely morning of the 2021 Winter Solstice!

I got up around 6am this morning, and after a little faffing around the house, got dressed, donned suitable warm winter jacket (for it has suddenly turned quite winter-like here on the West Coast of Canada, after a pretty mild Autumn/Winter so far) and took myself down the road to the beach to witness the solstice at approximately 7:59 am.

And yes: it was truly beautiful. There were a few folk down there – dog walking, some braving an early morning swim – and it was so very relaxing (even when my hands were freezing holding my phone to capture it).

So here’s to the start of Winter, to the shortest day and the longest night. Here’s to being grateful for the light and respectful of the darkness – to looking back and remembering, reflecting, to learning, to holding dear and to letting go,

I always found it a little amusing and wonderous that we have this special day – the shortest day – as we have slowly been getting used to the darker mornings and earlier evenings, and that as we hit the pinnacle – the highest point, then it is back down the other side of the mountain we trek, as the days once again start drawing out… getting longer by each single day, and the cycle continues… A reminder that everything keeps on moving, changing into something new – so we can be grateful for what we have, and feel safer knowing that hard times will not be here forever – the light is coming back, but the darkness has many lessons for us too,

So I am lucky (very lucky) enough to live close to a stunning driftwood beach in Vancouver Island, BC, Here is the video of this morning – just a beach, driftwood, rolling tide… some early crazy (but awesome) ocean swimmers, a few gulls and crows, some blustery wind…. and a calming sunrise. I find it quite meditative….

Sending you love and light…

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